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The Camosun College Electronics and Computer Engineering Department requires that second year technology students complete a major project as part of their diploma work.

This project (Elex 290 or Elex 291) takes up approximately 50% of the class time in the final term of the technology program.

Students, in groups of 2 or 3, go from concept through design to constructing a functional prototype in 11 weeks.

They are evaluated on such things as:

  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • Prototype functionality to stated specificatio
2006 Projects: 2005 Projects: 2004 Projects: 2003 Projects:

  LPS Antigone - Voice Response Textured Map Digital Video Recorder
    Home Audio System Fingerprint Access System
    Human Transport Vehicle Low Voltage Differential Signaling
      Remote Power Monitor
      Train Control

Weather Station

      Wireless MIDI
      Wireless MP3
2002 Projects: 2001 Projects: 2000 Projects: 1999 Projects:

Dolby Digital Decoder With Digital Amplifiers Audio Effects Processor CDROM MP3 Player Alarm Autodialer  
Ethernet Security Camera CARP Robot Flash Card MP3 Player
HVAC Hotel Control Unit
Hero Robot Redesign Digital 4 Track Recorder
Orbicomm Satellite Terminal Instrument Display Panel
Music Sampler Hard Drive MP3 Player Printed Circuit Board Drill Table RICS SNMP Based Computer Monitor
Pyrotechnic Controller PCB Drill Table Water Sensor for Buoys  
RF Crosswalk Lights
Visual Universal Remote Control
Wireless Security System  
Universal Pinball Machine Controller Weather Station    
  Web-based Home Automation System
  X10 Thermostat    
1998 Projects: 1997 Projects: 1996 Projects: 1995 Projects:

 Auto Navigating Robot Audio Control System  Battery Conditioning System Bar Code Reader
 Brake Alert System  Azimuth Telemetry System Battery Powered Egg Incubator Portable Display Sign
Diesel Engine Dynamometer  Power Distribution System  Breake Altert Warning System Rehab Robot
 GPS Tracking Project Real Time Audio Analyzer  Dram Tester Robot Retrofit
Operator Control Display   Simm Tester Portable Datalogger Wind Tunnel
 Talking Calculator  STD UART Power Line Interface Module  
  Super Boat Controller  Rehab Robot  
   Voice Mail Reterival System Robot Retrofit  
    Super Screen  
    Wireless Remote Lightning Control  
1994 Projects: 1993 Projects: 1992 Projects: 1991 Projects:

6 Axis Robot Control  DAQ Primary Node Controller  DAQ primnary Node Controller  Environmental DAQ
Brake Alert System Secondary Weather Station DAQ Secondary Node Controller High Speed DAQ System
 Display Sub System   DAQ Sec Node High Speed Network  High Speed Network
     High Speed DAQ Multi Drop LAN
    High Speed Metrological DAQ Primary Node Controller 
    Weather Station Weather Station i
      Weather Station ii
1990 Projects: 1989 Projects: 1987 Projects: 1985 Projects:







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